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Helloes! This is me, I draw stuff. My name is Vanja, though if we met through EQ2 you probably know me as Tuatha, Baguette, Hortensia, Allegretto or Wensleydale. I live in Norway, and I like all sorts of weird things.

A while ago I made my first forum sig, for an EverQuest II friend... It sort of snowballed from there, shortly after I made myself a cartoony stick figure sig, reminiscent of the comics I used to draw when I was still in school back in the early cretaceous period, and suddenly lots of people started asking for sigs in the same style. Being somewhat lazy and easily distracted, my list of people wanting sigs quickly grew to ginormous proportions. Obviously, when a couple people asked if I had thought about making a webcomic, I jumped at the opportunity to forget my guilt over not finishing people's sigs...by embarking on a new massive project to distract me.

My main EQ2 character is a female high elf templar, just like the protagonist of my little stickfigure epos. The rest of the cast are complex composite chars based on people, rats and cats I've met during my travels through Norrath (on the Toxxulia/Guk/Everfrost/Splitpaw servers), as well as my own alts.

"this is one of the few webcomics that do not suck" - Pink Poodle

"so true" - Cenarius

"Tuatha, go make money off this, seriously." - Borr

"I LOVE IT!!" - singer/songwriter Jethal Silverwing of Legion of Kithicor

"These are fantastic! I'm hard to win over with comics and went head over heels for Lunch! So cute!" - Reimani of Holy Might

"LOL LOVE THESE!! the dear diary theme is hilarious! ive thought it before myself..."dear diary..i grouped with the dumbest tank today!" my husband /wink (we always abuse the ones we hold so dear)" - Churche Mouse the ratonga defiler

(c) 2009 Vanja Utne