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Encyclopedia Cheesepiratica

Attercops - Also known as spiders, they come in all sizes from lizard snack to RUN AWAY!

Barrows, the - A lot of dead things hang out here. Oddly enough they really don't like it when you borrow their stuff. Never burrow into a barrow to borrow.

Brigands - Similar to pirates but on land, they capture travellers and steal their treasure.

Cats - Big, scary, sometimes mean. Some cats are pirates, some are brigands, some make a living selling candied cod heads on a stick. They fear gnolls and other things that go "bark", and also large groups of rodents.

Dark Elves - Unlike other elves, these are blue and live in settlements deep underground. Some are big and mean and like to march and look angry. Others are small and kind and like pretend tea parties with real biscuits/cookies.

Druids - Druids are fond of plants and trees, they also help people who have been injured or poisoned, and can open magical portals from one stone circle to another.

Elves - Much like humans these are not green at all and mostly come in shades of brown and pink, but with slightly longer ears. Many elves are druids and have names like "Arbeus" or "Asria" or "Tuatha". See also dark elves.

Frogs - Friendly amphibians who come in all sorts of fun colours. The free city of Mouseport has a thriving frog community..

Frostbite Fortress - An old ruin in the snowy mountains, home to a band of brigands.

Frostfell - A feast held during the darkest, coldest time of winter. This is a time for friends to exchange gifts, eat good food, and decorate Frostfell trees.

Ghosts - Mostly harmless, visible only at night, some are curious and helpful. If they concentrate really hard they can move things.

Gnolls - Bark bark woof! Friendly dog creatures on two legs who like to dig for bones.

Gnomes - Not very tall, gnomes enjoy building mechanical things and have names like "Miss Cogwoozle" or "Captain Crankhandle". Some of them are aeronauts and (briefly) brave the skies.

Goblorcs - Are they goblins? Are they orcs? No one knows. They are usually green, like potatoes and tend to live in cozy caves or abandoned ruins. Are the big mean brigands that look like giant goblorcs actually goblorcs, or just orcs giving goblorcs a bad name? This is also a mystery.

Great Grandgrok - An ancient wrinkly goblorc who lives in an old tower ruin on a small island with her blue cephalopod friend. Great Grandgrok knows a lot about plants and healing. She might be some sort of druid.

Grok - Grok is a goblorc, and so is Grok. When they're not off on an adventure, they live in a cave under a treestump with their lizard friend and their hedgehog friend. They both love potatoes. Grok is scared of attercops. You can tell who is who, because Grok has a horny hat whereas Grok does not. There are a few other differences too.

Halflings - Short and fond of food. Two suddenly wealthy halflings live on a potato farm near Grok and Grok's treestump. This is a good place to borrow potatoes, ropes, socks and other useful things.

Hedgehogs - Also known as urchins or hedgepigs. Armed with sharp teeth and covered in sharp spikes, the noble hedgehog is a fiercly brave and loyal friend, but easily distracted by food. Hedgehogs have a great sense of smell. They like earthworms, bugs, berries and sleeping.

Horny Hat, the - Borrowed from the Frostbite Fortress, the Horny Hat was a Frostfell gift from Grok to Grok, and is Grok's most prized treasure. The little lizard named Fisla is allowed to wear it sometimes.

Humans - Probably freakishly tall halflings or possibly some sort of Elves with oddly rounded ears. Humans usually come in shades of brown and pink, but the ones that hang around in the Barrows are usually some sort of greenish grey or greyish green.

Lizards - These come in at least two sizes and all sorts of colours! The small ones on four legs like crunchy attercops, the big ones on two legs prefer berries and fishies. None of them are too keen on cold temperatures. One word for lizard in Norwegian is "firfisle"; this is how Fisla got her name.

Manticores - Angry flying lion things; do not pull their tail. Fortunately they live far, far away in a jungle somewhere.

Mouseport - The largest city in the eastern Sea of Cheese, Mouseport is home to all sorts of rodents, cats, humans, frogs and more. Just make sure you have the correct papers if you try to enter. The sort with proper runes on them, and the Mouse Queen's seal.

Mushroom people - Glurp Glorp? Glop! Mushroom people live in damp caves and are very friendly. They are terribly afraid of dark elves.

Pirates - Different groups of pirates fight for treasure and for control over the Sea of Cheese and the towns along the coast.

Rodents - Mice and rats. They are short, hairy, have big ears, long noses, and curly tails. Most rodents are pirates and sail the Sea of Cheese looking for treasure.

Runes - Dark elves use runes when they write and speak. Some gnomes and frogs and humans also use runes for writing.

Treasure - This depends who you ask. It could be cheese, or potatoes, or gold and jewels, or if you're a cat who really really needs to go, a bag of kitty litter.

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